No matter what your job is, you've probably found ways to do it better than the day you started. Shortcuts, tips, tricks, ideas, strategies — you learned through experience. The world of financial planning is no different.

There are strategies you can use to make your money work harder — earn more, provide more, and leave more behind for your family. We call this strategy "asset maximization." All it means is using the assets you already have to create more income streams during your lifetime, as well as pass on as much as possible to the next generation.

Your Money, Doing More

How can I help you maximize your assets? I start by looking at the assets you already have, including:

  • pensions
  • IRAs
  • CDs
  • annuities
  • bonds

Then I take a look at your financial situation. How much income will you need during retirement? How much income will your current assets generate? How much do you want to leave as a legacy? Then I rebalance your assets in ways that help you achieve all your financial goals.

During the evaluation process, I'll help you answer questions like these:

  • Worried about outliving your assets? I have strategies that can create larger income streams than you currently have.
  • Worried about the tax burden your kids will face when it's time to inherit your estate? I can help reduce or eliminate income and/or estate taxes with the right financial tools, such as a life insurance trust.

Asset Max: How-To

For example, one way to maximize assets is to shift under-performers like a low-interest CD into a financial vehicle that pays you more, such as an immediate annuity. Right away, you'll have a dependable income stream that's up to 6 times greater than what you earned from your CD.

If you're also worried about leaving an inheritance for your kids or providing for a spouse after you pass away, I can divert some of the income from your annuity into a permanent life insurance policy. You get guaranteed coverage until the day you pass away, and your heirs get a guaranteed non-taxable death benefit.

No matter what your goals are, I have the financial tools and knowledge to grow your wealth and help you pass it on as securely as possible.

Call me today to help secure your financial future!