Did you know that big life changes can lead to big savings on your life insurance? If you've made healthy choices in your life such as quitting smoking or losing weight, those changes do more than extend your life expectancy...they can also save you money!

Chances are, you've had your life insurance policy for awhile. If you're like most people, you probably don't think about it very often, but that could be costing you money.

Is It Time for a Policy Review?

I recommend getting a policy review once per calendar year to be sure you're still paying the lowest available rate for the best possible coverage.

There are several reasons why taking a second look at your policy could be a very smart idea:

  • Your health might have changed. Did you lose weight? Quit smoking? If any of these sound familiar, you could pay less now than you did when you bought your policy.
  • You got a medical condition under better control. If you had any issues getting your policy in the first place due to high blood pressure, diabetes, or other health conditions that are often treatable with a doctor's care, diet, and exercise, you could pay less for your policy if we can prove that your condition is under control.
  • A different insurer may offer a product that better meets your needs...at a lower rate. We work with more than 40 insurance carriers, and pricing and products do change. If it's been a few years since you bought your policy, I can check to see if there's a way to save you money with a different insurer or policy.

Now is the time to review your existing coverage to see if I can save you money.

For a free, no-obligation review, call me today! You could be saving money tomorrow.