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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who needs life insurance?

    If you have people who depend on your financial contributions, you need life insurance. This is especially true if you’re a parent. Whether you work or stay at home to care for the kids, you’re making valuable contributions to your household. Those contributions should be insured. If anything happened to you, how would your family cope financially? Would they struggle to pay bills and put food on the table? Would your spouse have to quit work to take care of the kids? Life insurance provides your loved ones with the resources they need to maintain their standard of living.

    If you’re not a parent, there are still plenty of reasons you may need life insurance. Do you have outstanding debt that your parents or spouse can’t afford to pay? If so, you need coverage. Do you own a business? If so, you need coverage. Do you want a family later in life? If so, you should get covered while you’re young and healthy. Life insurance will never be more affordable for you than it is than right now.

  • Life insurance is a financial tool that protects your family’s future. If something happens to you, your policy will give your family the money they need to stay in their home and keep food on the table. You can choose a term policy that covers you for a particular length, seeing you through your major financial responsibilities – until the kids go to college or until the mortgage is paid off, for example. You can also choose a lifetime policy that builds cash value you can access later in life. There are also ways we can set up your policy so that it helps you pay for things like long-term care or a disability.

    Many of my clients also use life insurance as a part of their financial portfolio. Permanent (lifelong) policies build cash value over time, which may be a good way to supplement your retirement fund. That cash is yours to use for whatever you like—pay off your mortgage, send a child to college, start a business, go on a dream vacation…the possibilities are endless. All it takes is a little bit of smart planning now!

  • Don’t wait to protect the ones you love. You can learn about the different types of life insurance here on my website, or you can contact me for help. Let’s talk about your financial goals and your unique situation. Together, we can design a financial plan that provides security for your family, your business, and your retirement.

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My specialty is life insurance. A life insurance policy protects your family from financial insecurity should anything happen to you. I work with the nation’s top-rated carriers and have access to policies that meet a wide range of needs: affordable income protection, supplemental retirement income, and more.

Let's start by choosing where to begin. I can help you with:

  • An unpaid mortgage
  • Your child(ren)'s college education
  • Car loans
  • Credit card debt
  • Financial support of dependents
  • Funeral expenses
  • Estate administration costs

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